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Auction Outline

  • After the call or email from the potential client is received, a Real Estate Auctioneer set up an appointment and meet with you to discuss your property and if it is a suitable candidate for an auction.
  • Upon the variable agreement between Seller and Auctioneer, a date is set for your event and the Auction Contract is signed and we are ready to move forward concentrating on selling your property.
  • A custom Auction Marketing Campaign is carefully planned as agreed, marketing material is constructed, social media is constructed, Videos are recorded, TV spots are recorded, Radio Spots are recorded, News Paper Ads are built, Potential Buyers are targeted and we are ready to mass market your property.
  • Property details, high def. photos, high def. videos, maps, legal descriptions, aerial photos and terms of the auction are posted to and our many other websites.
  • Auction signs are created and placed on your property at key viewable spots and intersections.
  • A title review on your property is underway.
  • Custom auction marketing campaign continues.
  • “Open House” inspections can be scheduled.
  • Prepare or modify property to prepare for scheduled viewings can be arranged.
  • Open inspections will be hosted at property.
  • Analyze and Adjust marketing to reflect feedback from inspections.
  • Auction Day: Our team arrives at the auction site approximately 2 hours prior to auction time to prepare for the event.
  • Bidders compete for your property live on-site, online, or both! Simultaneously.
  • The “High Bidder” signs contract and pays the down payment.
  • Fowler Auctioneers coordinates the closing process with the buyer and seller after the success of you auction, a SOLD hung on the property.