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Sincere THANK YOU!

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Nick Fowler of Fowler Auctioneers,Inc.

Greetings to my very special friends, I want to say a personal Thank You for all you do for us and for the youth of this community. I am not very good with words and very, very bad at trying to express my feelings publicly because when I start to talk about things that are so important to me, I get emotional and choke up and can’t say anything. You’ all will never know how much I appreciate what you do for us and for being my friends personally. You have always been there for me and for the FFA Chapter anytime we have needed you since I have been associated with this program here in Centerpoint and even before when I was helping Mr. Thomas when he was at Glenwood. In spite of how inept we are, you have continued to stand by us and help cover our errors and support us not only with your time and talents but with your friendship and moral support in the community.

There is not way to measure how many thousand of dollars your presence and your talent has added to the youth of this community and all I can say is a simple but very sincere “THANK YOU”.

Thanks again for everything.

Troy W. Buck
Vo. Ag. Instructor
Centerpoint High School
Rosboro, Arkansas

Such Thoughtfulness

Dear Fowler Auctioneers:

You are the most caring and considerate person I have met. I bought the typewriter at your auction on September 17. Being ninty years young, I cannot remember such thoughtfulness.

It is not my desire to have such favors, and I only wanted a broad time frame of the item sale.

You have found the secret of a long and happy life. You are precious and unique. God bless and keep you.

Thank you. I shall remember……

Leanore Stolpe

A Big THANK YOU to Fowler Auctioneers

It was unfortunate that I had to meet Fowler Auction Company of Glenwood through the tragic loss of a family member. I did not know where to begin, or even the right questions to ask. From my very first conversation with Nick, he eased my nerves as he began to tell me how these things were handled, and walked me through the initial steps of the process. As the days progressed, I began to see how important choosing the right auctioneer was. The attention to detail, the amount of time and preparation of all the advertising, the photographing of the equipment, the numerous phone calls advising me on what to do next, and even my calls to him when I needed assurance.

All of this was handled by Nick personally. He never sent someone to handle something–it was always him that I talked to or met with. As the day before the auction came, so did the rain and severely cold weather. None of the equipment wanted to crank and the final movement of equipment was getting messy with all of the mud. I became a nervous wreck and thought everything was going to be a total loss. But again there was Nick, on a tractor or trackhoe, moving things around to the auction site he had chosen; his employees laying everything out in a neat order; if only the rain would leave I thought.

Well, the rain left at 5:00AM the morning of the auction, but the cold didn’t, it didn’t matter though. As the auction began to roll down the line threw all the inventory, Nick began to sell things as if it were 70 and sunny. Hundreds of people showed up thanks to their marketing and the auction was a total success. It became a pleasure to have met Nick, his wife Rachel, family and his employees. They all worked so hard and made our auction seem as important to them as it was to us. I cannot thank them enough, and hope anyone who has a need for an auctioneer, will be wise enough to offer them the opportunity to serve them as well as they served our family. It was professionalism to it’s fullest.

To the Fowler Family… Thank you so much.

John M. Murphy – Avery, Texas

Truly Amazing

Dear Fowler Auctioneers,

My family and I just wanted to thank your for selling our home and contents. As my wife and I discussed with you we owned the home for over 10 years. We spent a lot of time, energy and money to rebuild and remodel the property. My company then relocated me. We had to sell our beautiful home.

We listed the property with the “best listing agency in the state”. We saw the agent one time during the six months, that was when he had us sign a contract for his listing and we never saw him or any of his reps again. He also said he would have an open house; it never happened. He said that we were just too far out for as the economy in the area is not good. We fired him after the six months. As you recall I was explaining this to you and you said we can sell it

I was apprehensive at first as I thought “Auction, no way.” However we were glad we reconsidered. Fowler Auctioneers sold our home for the market value. This was truly amazing as it was raining the day of the auction, yet over 500 people showed up. You also sold our contents in the shop and home. On many of the content items you were able to sell them for more than we paid.

So if I’m asked if we would use Fowler Auctioneers again, I would say “Yes!” We would also like to thank you for the time you spent in helping us prep the property.

My family and I would like to thank you and your family at Fowler Auctioneers again for helping us sell our home.

Thank you so much,

Brock, Melanie, Dillon, and Misty Emanuel

Pleased with the Results

Fowler Auctioneers recently did my auction after I lost my husband. They did all the sorting of my possessions & made everything so much easier for me.

He did research on some items he wanted more knowledge on before the auction. They even mowed the lawn and weed-eated for me. The advertising was thorough and complete and I’m sure this was what brought in a good crowd. Mr. Fowler & his helpers were always polite & helpful and I was pleased with the results.

Ruth Schweitzer